22 Resources and Tips for Coming Up with a Business Name

The best way is to think of phrases that people say in and around your particular industry. Yes, there is a company called IHateIroning.com and they are really successful. If not, just get really successful and buy the full word just like Twitter did. Although not as popular as it used to be, it can give your business a younger feel which may appeal to your audience more. There are letters you can use, for example, ‘ful’ ‘ist’ ‘ster’ ‘ly’ and ‘sta’. It also allows you to use a commonly used word in your business name that would not normally be available.

How to select a business name?

To get started, simply enter your selected keywords into the search box. If you’re wondering which words to use, think about which products you are selling. If your store specializes in matcha powder, for instance, ‘matcha powder’ is a perfectly acceptable keyword to use in the business name generator. Then, based on an algorithm, the tool will formulate hundreds, if not thousands of options for you to choose from.

How do I find a unique name?

One marketing tip is to position your business as a problem solver rather than a product seller. You can start that positioning with your business name. Your business name is opportune real estate for a mini elevator pitch before you even speak to a prospect.

You can add a word at the start or end of your name — popular ones include “app,” “get,” and “hello.” If you’re a service-based industry, you can try adding your offering in the name. Try using our company name generator to get brandable company names. If your plan is to run smaller businesses under one main company, try to keep your company name ideas short and non-specific. To get you started with your name choice, we’ve gathered 40 examples of creative business names from our free Business Name Generator. You can easily test which generator gives you a better suggestion based on the relevant keyword. Go to both tools and insert the same words and press the generate button.

Moreover, the generator presents a list of registrars you can use to register the domain. Overall, it’s a handy tool if you’re looking for brand names with domain and social media availability. To use this business name generator, enter variations of words into the search bar until you’re satisfied with the results. It could be “vintage clothes” or “plus-size clothes.” 4 letter brand names is free, but it’s also extremely easy to use and great for researching small business name ideas. An lastly there are funding business names in 4 word names for business category.

Best name for a company might also be rhythmic or rhyming, and this quality is a decisive upside to be taken into account when naming companies. Make a list of most interesting business name suggestions before you make a final choice. Let us inspire you and open you to new naming ideas.

You can again start with the dictionary and try different words. Guide includes website builder assessment, SEO checklist, branding do’s and don’ts, and more. In 1963, CVS was founded as “Consumer Value Store” and was later abbreviated. When brainstorming, look for some obvious names and words either about you or your product/service and see if they form any interesting acronyms. There are a few key elements to a really catchy business name.

These tools offer the perfect dose of creative inspiration and a new perspective to supplement your own ideas. Could the name be misinterpreted in another language, culture, or industry? Does the business name allow your business to grow? Don’t silo your name ideas to a specific product, niche, or market unless it works in your favor. Does the name get you excited to launch your business? Creative business name is an asset worth fighting for, creative names for business are the coolest company names.