How Guest Posting Can Help Your Business

When you’re trying to advertise your organization online, the target is to produce a web presence that’s popular and far-reaching, with regular site traffic and a residential district of engaged social networking followers. Obviously, this is easier said than done, especially when it comes to creating awareness beyond your company’s existing circle of contacts. Guest posting is an effective solution to quickly build your presence, along with boosting brand recognition, and it’s pretty easy to begin with, even when your blog or site is new

Guest posting can work in many different ways, but usually you’ll want to locate Google for your top keywords, and find blogs that rank fairly highly. You’re not trying to find direct competitors, but rather blogs where in actuality the focus is complementary or supplementary to what your internet site offers. The best way forward is to contact the blog owner and send them a guest posting proposal. Introduce yourself, explain that you’d like to publish a guest post because of their blog, and suggest a couple of topics that could appeal both to their readers and to your own personal audience

The advantages of this approach are numerous. One, you’re building relationships with other people in your niche, whom you might later partner with on a variety of projects or campaigns. They could also mention you on the social networking accounts, or you might mention them on yours

Two, so far as the particular post goes, the idea is as possible link back once again to your own personal site within the post, along with introducing yourself in a little “in regards to the author” paragraph at the bottom. It will help build backlinks to your internet site, and in addition helps build a reputation of expertise. The more sites in your niche as possible post up with varying topics, the more you will quickly be regarded as someone who is knowledgeable, available, and helpful.

Additionally, having unique content on various sites which can be highly relevant to you helps boost your SEO. Google wants to see an author posting in numerous places, and by associating your name not only with your own site but with other similar sites, you can help spread your brand far and wide. Additionally, it helps your website where you guest post, as they can use your expertise to simply help strengthen their own reputation

Do you have any previous experience with guest posting? What sort of changes perhaps you have seen in your traffic from posting on other people’s blogs?

Peg McDermott can be an award-winning marketing communications expert, Internet marketing specialist, and public speaker. Peg could be the founder and president of COGO Interactive, an innovative Internet Marketing firm specializing in aiding small to mid-sized businesses increase revenue and awareness by leveraging Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization