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Investors may also be eligible to participate in class action lawsuits. Check theSecurities Class Action Clearinghouseto find out whether a private class action lawsuit relating to a given investment has been filed. Regulators often warn consumers to be wary of unsolicited offers, and this holds true for offers to help you recover investment assets. As with any service, carefully check out the firm and individuals before you commit to a service or advance fee, especially if they contact you first. Investors entitled to a recovery of funds will likely receive a communication by the regulatory body or appointed party in advance of any asset distribution.

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Unauthorized trading often involves the practice of churning, in which a broker engages in an excessive level of transactions through a customer’s account. This generates substantial commissions for financial advisors and brokers, but it also costs investors. Most people understand that investing money comes with inherent risks. However, investment advisors and brokerage firms have certain legal and regulatory obligations, and when those duties are breached, individual investors have options for seeking financial recovery. Stock broker fraud and misconduct can involve many types of improper and illegal activities.

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The simplified procedures of FINRA arbitration also mean that investors can expect quicker results than those attainable in court. Fortunately, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority gives wronged investors the opportunity to hold irresponsible brokers accountable. Please do not hesitate suffered losses in Kiromic BioPharma stock or Matt regarding any of these other matters, with experienced attorneys in all of these practice areas, we look forward to assisting you in your case.

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Possibly one of the easiest allegations to prove is that of excessive trading, also known as churning. Here, the stockbroker in charge of your investments is being accused of trading your accounts in excessive amounts. Pursuing arbitration against your stockbroker begins with filing a Statement of Claim and Uniform Submission Agreement and paying the appropriate fee. Upon receiving notice of your Statement of Claim, your stockbroker has 45 days to respond. The panel’s decision is binding—subject to a limited number of grounds for appeal. Stock broker fraud in the form of churning is a complicated concept and can be difficult to establish.

We represent institutional and individual investors against financial advisors and brokerage firms. Our experienced investment attorneys are devoted to assisting institutional and individual investors nationwide to recover losses caused by the inappropriate actions of investment advisors and their firms. Investigating securities misrepresentations, fraud and misconduct is what we know.

Trading with your money should be done according to your needs, preferences and risk assessment, not your broker’s. But there are times when a broker is tempted to make a trade based on his or her own expectation that money will be made from it, and that some of that money will take the form of the broker’s commission. If it does turn out to be a profitable trade, presumably you as the customer won’t object, and the broker will have increased his income. If your account is set up so that your broker must obtain your permission for each trade, churning would probably not happen, because you’d be more personally involved in each trading decision. If you have reason to think that something illegal was done with your investments, you have the right to file a lawsuit.