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One of the major benefits of partnering with a loan processing company is that such companies can offer immense expertise. These highly qualified individuals take care of all the tasks related to the mortgage process including collating and organizing all the necessary documents from the borrowers. Loan processes require a variety of documents including proof of employment, Federal tax returns, bank statements or balance sheets, etc that determine the borrower’s creditworthiness. The mortgage industry has been evolving since the past few years amidst a lot of regulations. In the US, today, a median borrower puts 5% down payment for their home purchase, as compared to 20% about a decade ago. This aspect, paired with price wars, new CFBP regulations, and other accompanying challenges, has resulted in many mortgage lenders looking positively towards outsourcing services as an option.

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The job of a contract mortgage loan processor is to help a company process application paperwork and decide whether or not to offer approval. Someone in this role may collect additional information from the client, review each document and title request for accuracy, and otherwise support a lending company’s sales process. A contract mortgage loan processor usually works with a company for a pre-set time period, though it is possible to transfer into a permanent role. Most mortgage processing work is available from late spring to early autumn or when an increase in house sales occurs. This is one of the immediate benefits a loan processing company has to offer to their clients.

With this acquisition, we can now empower our customers by delivering disruptive products and solutions across the breadth of their business . With technology led Smart Solutions, industry insights, scalability, industry experience, cost savings, flexibility, and global capability. Can mortgage processing companies in california contact Expert Mortgage Assistance Sales Through Phone or Email? You can reach an Expert Mortgage Assistance sales representative via email at or by phone at 1855 – 224 – 6855. Engage qualified workforce in the form of multidisciplinary experts, strategic advisors, and offshore teams to enable 24/7 service to handle the increase in work volume. Congrats on your first step of reducing your mortgage operation’s cost.

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Companies can receive access to diverse experts working on the payroll of the service provider and the accumulative knowledge they have to offer on the mortgage industry. Highly qualified individuals are always at your service at all times. SunTec India offers the widest range of mortgage process outsourcing services to speed up loan processing of lenders, credit unions, and brokerage firms. Our services are designed to make your operations more agile and customer friendly.

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We realize you may have additional questions, particularly about how the acquisition might impact your business. To help address these, you can reach out to your account manager or write to us. It will provide better career opportunities to existing and future team members. A larger market share coupled with increased efficiencies and ability to attract good talent. This will ensure higher revenues as well as consistent profitability. These include New York, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Texas.