Using an electric dab rig has four advantages

You can attempt dabbing if inhaling cannabis (CBD) through other methods, like smoking or vaping, isn’t your thing. This is a rapidly growing consuming trend. Dabbing is the practise of swallowing large quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or dab, generally in the form of amber, honeycomb, wax, or budder. Dabbing is another name for this practise. To describe the euphoric condition brought on by the presence of the chemical THC in cannabis, the term “high” is commonly used. Both dabbing and vaping produce inhaled vapour that may contain CBD, but vaping uses e-liquid whereas dabbing heats the aforementioned components.

Getting started with dabbing will need the investment in a dabbing setup. One thing to remember is that there are numerous distinct dab rig designs. Buying an electric dabbing rig, for example the sort sold on this page, is something to think about. Instead of using a flame and butane, as is done with traditional dabbing rigs, an electric dabbing rig uses electricity to heat a dab.

If you’re trying to decide between different electric dabbing rigs, you might find it useful to consider the following benefits.


One of the numerous benefits of electric dab rigs is that they can be modified to suit the user’s preferences. Customization is possible with e-rigs the same way it is with regular dab rigs, although it is more easier due to the e-lower rig’s size. As an added bonus, you may upgrade the quality of your overall dabbing experience in this way without spending a fortune on a new rig. Alternately, you may tinker with certain parts, such the atomizer, the coil, the heating cup, or even the addition of an e-nail.

Conveniently Tiny and inconspicuous

The convenience and anonymity of concentrates rosin press over their more archaic predecessors is another perk. The main reason for this is that modern electric dab rigs are noticeably more compact than their analogous ancestors. It’s rather uncommon to find similarities between the equipment used in a traditional rig and that used in a laboratory, with the main distinction being that the latter is typically much larger. Perhaps it’s about the volume of a water pitcher.

Quick and Easy To Use

The second advantage of an electric dab rig is that it is simple and straightforward to use, even for beginners. In part, this is because the CBD is heated with an e-nail rather of a flame. Using this e-nail, you can attach it to your rig without having to lug and assemble multiple pieces.